Re-Organize Your Garage More Easily

Organized tools inside a garage For garage owners, the ideal scenario is to come home from work and park your vehicle inside the garage where you know it will be safe. The more common situation, however, is that the garage is too packed full of your items to fit your vehicle in it. The solution is a simple one, but one that many people often ignore. The vertical space in your garage is perfect opportunity to get your garage organized so you can park in it. The following are some tips to assist you in utilizing the vertical space:

Ceiling Racks To get your bikes, canoes, and anything else you have on the floor out of the way, consider hanging ceiling racks. These racks can help you organize the garage and, because they can hold heavy items, store heavier and bulkier items. The key is to use heavy duty hooks and rope to hold your items secure.

Floor to Ceiling Shelving Many of the items found in the garage are not able to be placed on the ceiling racks. However, floor to ceiling shelving is perfect for items that can be packed into a box and labeled. Whether it is Christmas decorations or seasonal clothing, the boxes can be stored from the floor to ceiling and give you the space back to park your vehicle.

Wall-Mounted Cabinets Wall-mounted cabinets are not just for the kitchen anymore. Many people are repurposing kitchen cabinets and using them in the garage for storage. It is often one of the most economical ways of adding vertical space as you can get them for free or cheap from people who are remodeling homes.

Pegboard Siding Pegboard is one of the most popular items to use in the garage for a reason. Simple hooks can help you to hang up items that can take up valuable real estate in other areas of the garage, including counter space. Organizing tools is one of the main benefits you can get when you use pegboard. If your garage space has been overtaken by household items, sports equipment, and Christmas decorations take it back by creating vertical storage. By following some of the above tips, you will soon be able to park your vehicle where it rightfully belongs.