Kitchen Window Treatments for Fall and Winter

Window with treatments, blinds, and valances If you have just had vinyl replacement windows installed in your kitchen, the one thing you may be wondering is what type of window treatments you should use during the fall and winter months. The truth is that you don’t want to take away from your décor, but you want to take advantage of the sun in the colder months. The following are just a few ideas for kitchen window treatments that you can use in fall and winter:

Shades When many people think about shades, they think of the unsightly plain white shades from thirty years ago or more. Today, shades come in many varieties and can be a great addition to your kitchen décor. It is best to find those that come with dual fabrics as you can use the darker shade facing out in the winter to help absorb the heat from the sun. Use it in reverse, the lighter side out, during the summer months to deflect the sun.

Blinds Blinds no longer come in white or off-white. In the colder months, placing darker colored shades on your windows in the kitchen can help to absorb the heat that comes from the sun. It is also a great way to create a stream-lined décor in your kitchen. For further décor, you can add a matching valance above it.

Curtains If you are one that prefers curtains, your kitchen windows are a great place to put them up. In fact, with the fall and winter months, you can utilize a wide variety of fabric patterns to celebrate the season. Because they are so easy to switch out, you can change curtains all of the time to change up your décor. The important thing to remember is that the thicker the fabric is, the more it will keep the heat in and the cold out. As the colder months in fall and winter approach, it may be time to think about some different window treatments in the kitchen. The above ideas will get you started on what you can do to save energy and take advantage of the heat that will come from the sun.