Preparing Your Home for the Holidays


Summer is slowly (and regretfully!) coming to a close, which means one thing - the holidays will be sneaking up on you sooner than you think! As much as everyone enjoys seeing their loved ones and exchanging presents, there’s a lot of preparation that has to go into your home before the winter holidays arrive - follow our advice, plan ahead, and (hopefully) the process will go smoother than expected! Staying Warm

As the outside temperatures drop, you may find yourself stretching your budget to stay warm. Turning down the heat could lower your energy bills, but if you're expecting guests during the holidays, you'll want them to be comfortable. You can increase the comfort level of your home and lower your heating costs by having energy efficient windows professionally installed before the winter season arrives. This is a home improvement project that will save you money throughout the year and improve the look of your home!

Cleaning and Tidying

Before you begin decorating for the holidays, you may need to do some cleaning - we know, it’s never the most exciting part but you can have some fun with it. The holidays can be a perfect excuse for you to rearrange your furniture or look into any small-scale remodeling projects you’ve been considering, like re-organizing your bookshelves or making room for a Christmas tree! Speaking of holiday decorations...


When you begin decorating you might be excited to put out all of your favorite decorations right away, but remember that the more things you use, the more you'll have to pack up. Less is more is a good plan when putting out holiday decorations. Consider using a minimal number of impressive holiday decorations rather than a hodge-podge of numerous holiday trinkets. It's easier for people to focus on individual aspects of your decor when they aren't experiencing visual overload.

The Guest Room?

If your guest room is used infrequently, you might need to freshen up the room before your holiday visitors arrive. New bed coverings and rugs can quickly revive an out-dated or mundane decor. Your new vinyl windows can be enhanced with window treatments, such as thermal blinds, that will help keep the room warm cozy for your guest. A small gift on the bedside table is a great way to make overnight visitors feel special.

We hope our tips help out, and think about this - if you get started now, you may even be done by the holidays! Good luck, and have fun!