Painting a Room Perfect


couple painting room When to Paint a Room

Painting a room in the house can be a stressful task, especially if you weren’t planning on it.  Many rooms are painted right after one moves into a house because the certain color of a room isn’t liked, but sometimes there are instances where rooms have to be re-painted because the previous paint is falling apart or peeling off the wall.  There could also be an instance where the color is fading or discoloring.  This happens often when smoking occurs in the room or if the paint has just aged to the point where it looks faded.

All I need is Paint and a Brush, Right?

To perfect the look of a freshly painted room there are some steps that are required before you even put a paint brush on the wall.  The wall needs to be cleaned before you apply painters tape to the edges and corners of the wall.  You should especially put painter’s tape around the window in the room because you don’t want to get paint on any window, which would look tacky as a result.  Next you need to apply primer to the wall which maximizes the vivid effects of the color.  Then, after brushing around the corners where you can’t use a paint roller, you’re ready to go to work using the “W” technique with the roller which maximizes the space covered on the wall until you’ve covered the whole wall.

This is Getting Messy

There are many truths and myths about paint and if it can stain your skin or your clothes.  The truth is if you can get to it before it dries it will come off if you clean it properly whether it’s on you or your clothes.  It’s recommended that you don’t wear your best shirt when you’re painting though so you don’t have to worry about cleaning right away.  A can of paint can go a long way, and this is the case because you’ll need two or three coats of paint possibly just to make sure there are no spots that you didn’t see or forgot about.  For a standard room in a house it usually takes around two cans of paint to complete.

While you’re making that room look best as can be, it’s suggested you update your windows too, and the best way to do that is by using Wallside Windows.  An expert can come out and give you a free estimate just in case you’re not sure how to approach that step.  Start prepping and painting that room in your house that you’ve been wanting to for months now. As long as you follow these short steps, you’ll be on your way to a fresh looking room in no time.