Maintaining Your Gutters


cleaning gutters What’s That Smell?

Make sure your gutters are kept clean can be a daunting chore that should be done at least once a year if not twice.  Leaves falling off in autumn can easily land in your gutters and clog them up and create a monstrosity of problems once the rain and snow accumulates up there possibly damaging your gutters for good forcing you to purchase new ones.  Also, leaves and sticks can become slimy and smelly if left up there soaking in water for over a week.  Besides just knowing that you have to clean them out there are some questions that you probably have still.  When is the best season to do it? What’s the easiest way to do it? These are just two of the questions that any new homeowner may have when it comes to cleaning out gutters.

Fall Cleanup

Obviously, cleaning out your gutters may not make much sense if you do it in the middle of summer when more than likely all the leaves are still on the trees.  If you only plan on cleaning out your gutters once a year then your best bet is to do it at the end of fall in November.  Although, it’s easy to tell if all the leaves are off the trees that are near you by just looking up.  It’s probably not a bad idea to do it twice a year, and have the second time that you clean out the gutters be near the end of summer especially if you’ve been a victim of any nasty thunderstorms that have occurred throughout the season.  Those storms can carry debris you had no idea could make it up that high, but it is possible.

Can I Grab This With My Hands?

There are plenty of tactics to flush out all the leaves and debris that’s possibly clogging out your gutters though.  The most popular choice is the simple old-fashioned tactic of throwing on some rubber gloves and digging right in.  After you’ve gotten ahold of all that debris though, try throwing it on concrete or on a tarp so it doesn’t ruin your lawn.  Make sure you don’t get any muck on any windows you have too because you’d just be creating another chore to do. If you happen to accidently damage your windows though, just contact Wallside Windows, and an expert will be out in no time to aid you on the next steps you should take.

Gutter cleanup probably isn’t your most favorite thing in the world to do, but after you’ve taken the proper steps to make sure they are clean, you’ll be thankful because you won’t have to deal with this chore for another year.