New Year's Resolutions for Your Home

New Years Resolutions for Your Home With a new year comes the traditional promise of change and renewal. We all make our own resolutions at the start of each year to try to improve ourselves or something about our lives - but what about our homes? After the hectic holidays are finally behind you, you’ve got plenty of time and the perfect opportunity to sit down and really work out what you want to improve, replace, or renovate around your home for the coming year. If you’re considering some home improvements for the new year, we’ve got a few suggestions:

Simplify and De-Clutter

Clutter in a home can build up faster than you expect, especially around the holidays with all the guests coming and going and the sudden influx of gifts. Resolve to set some time aside this year to really go through your drawers, your kid’s clothes and toys, and anything else you’ve let pile up and get rid of everything you don’t feel like you actually need. Even if some of it is hard to say goodbye to - your mom really thought you’d love those ugly plates - you and your home will feel refreshed and recharged when you’re done.

Cut Back on Bills

This one might look a little daunting at first, but the long-term benefits will be more than worth it. Start by sitting down with your family and start setting down some ground rules about energy usage, like keeping the heater/air conditioners down and turning off lights when you’re done in a given room. From there, you should consider some home improvements to help increase energy efficiency and reduce your utility bills. New compact fluorescent bulbs, low-flow shower heads, energy efficient washing machines, and energy efficient replacement windows can all come together to help reduce your home’s energy usage - and with it, your bills!

Make A Plan To Get (And Keep) Your Home Clean

With these bigger tasks out of the way, all you need to do is to clean your home and keep it that way! Get the family together and work out a list of chores that everyone can stick to every day - loading the dishwasher, picking up kid’s toys, tidying up the dining room, and so on. Resolve to make a list of these chores and make sure everyone sticks with it - come next year when your home is already spic and span, you’ll be glad you did!