Hacks to Help You Store Your Holiday Decorations

Hacks to Help You Store Your Holiday Decorations The new year is here, the holidays are over, and it's time to put away all of those wonderful holiday decorations. While packing them all up properly may seem like a lot of work, many people treasure their family’s holiday decorations and don’t want them to get damaged or broken. These hacks will help you keep your decorations organized for next year and are simple to do. From lights to ornaments to wrapping paper, keep reading to find out how storing your holiday decorations can help you get your home organized and take the work out of this annual chore.

Ornaments are lovely hanging from your Christmas tree during the holidays, but they can be tricky to store if you want to keep them intact for next year. It's easy to just throw them in a box or tote but, undoubtedly you will wind up with at least a few broken ornaments that way. Use empty egg cartons or plastic drinking cups to place your ornaments inside of instead. Then, layer those inside of a sturdy plastic tote. This will keep them organized and less vulnerable to breakage when you put that tote in your attic or closet.

What are you going to do with all that leftover wrapping paper? Don't just throw it in a closet or cupboard. Instead, use an empty wine box or crate to store the rolls vertically while keeping them organized.

And then there are all those pretty lights. Don't just throw these in a box so that they become a tangled mess that you will be cursing at next year. Instead, use a clothes hanger, plastic or metal hangers will work nicely, to neatly wrap the strands of lights around. This will keep your lights neat and organized and a snap to put up next year. Already have a nest of tangled lights that you can't get around the hanger? No problem! Just place those inside a potted plant on your porch to light up your topiaries year round for a classy way to improve your home's curbside appeal. All of these hacks also make the actual storage of your decorations more organized as well. With everything able to fit in a large plastic tote, you can easily put it away without it taking up too much space or struggling to find items next year.