Make a Decorative Statement With Ceiling Colors

Make a Decorative Statement With Ceiling Colors There’s no shortage of ways you can add color to a room. You can paint the walls, buy some colorful furniture, find an eye-catching rug, shop around for some unique accessories, or find some beautiful curtains, just to name a few. But one often overlooked way to add color to a room is by adding color to the ceiling.

Many homeowners choose to leave their ceilings painted a matte white, but there certainly aren’t any decorating rules saying that ceilings should only be white. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with white ceilings; there are plenty of good reasons why they’re so popular. But painting your ceiling another color is certainly an option worth considering. Painting a ceiling a different color can look very stylish and help give a room a completely new look. Here are a few ideas for how to use color on your ceiling.

Accent Ceiling

When people decide to redecorate a room, they’ll often paint one wall a different color to serve as an accent wall. But instead of creating an accent wall, why not have an accent ceiling? If you have pale walls, painting the ceiling a bold, vibrant color can be a great way to add visual interest to a room. You could even paint your ceiling the same color as an accent wall to create a longer stretch of color.

Adjust the Size of a Room

Painting your ceiling obviously won’t physically alter the height or size of a room, but color can be used to create the illusion of a room being larger or smaller than it actually is. One reason why white is such a popular ceiling color is because it can make rooms seem taller, but other light colors can have the same effect. Rooms with very tall ceilings can feel a bit imposing, so if you wanted to make a room feel smaller and more intimate, painting the ceiling a dark color will help make the ceiling feel lower. Painting your walls and ceiling the same color is another way to help make a large space feel a little cozier.

Use Contrasting Moulding to Add Definition

Many decorators love the idea of painting ceilings and walls the same color or painting the ceiling a couple of shades lighter or darker than the walls. This can look very stylish, but if you want to create a little bit of definition between ceilings and walls, adding some moulding along the top of the walls in a contrasting color is a perfect way to go about it.

Bring Attention to Architectural Features

If your ceiling has unique architectural features like planks beams, you could use color to help highlight them. You could paint beams and the rest of your ceiling a color that contrasts from your walls, or you could just paint the areas behind the beams so that the beams themselves can stand out.