Easy Ways to Stop Window Drafts

Easy Ways to Stop Window Drafts Simply put, drafts in your home are a nuisance. Windows are an extremely common source of drafts, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with drafts. The only things window drafts are good for are making your home uncomfortable and driving up your energy bills. If your windows are simply old, your best bet might be to replace them with something more energy efficient, like vinyl replacement windows. But if your windows aren’t very old, there are plenty of other things you can do to get rid of drafts without completely replacing them.

Looks for Signs of Damage

In many cases, drafts are caused by damage to the window. If your window has cracked glass or isn’t able to shut properly, having your window repaired may solve the problem.

Add Caulking

Caulk plays an important role in preventing drafts around windows, but over time, it can become brittle and fall out of place. If this seems to be the case, removing the old caulk and replacing it is a pretty easy and inexpensive task. All you need to do is remove the existing caulk, clean the area where you will be applying new caulk, and apply the caulk according to the manufacturer's instructions.


Adding weatherstripping to a window is another easy, inexpensive, but highly effective way to put an end to drafts. You can find weatherstripping at any hardware store and you’ll be able to install it in a matter of minutes. Just be sure to inspect your weatherstripping once or twice throughout the year to make sure it hasn’t gotten worn down because worn weatherstripping won’t be able to protect your home as effectively as it ought to.

Window Coverings

Window coverings don’t just help you add privacy or control the amount of natural light a room gets. Certain types of window coverings can also help keep rooms warmer. Things like honeycomb shades, insulated or quilted curtains, and other types of curtains made of heavy materials can all help shield you from drafts and keep rooms warmer.

Draft Snakes

Need a quick, temporary fix for a drafty window? If you can feel the draft along the bottom of the window, where the pane meets the window sill, a draft snake will do the trick. All you have to do is put it in front of the draft. You can buy ready-made draft snakes, or you can make your own by simply sewing a tube of fabric, filling it with uncooked rice, and sewing it shut. It won’t be a permanent solution, but it will at least help make your home more comfortable until you’re able to fix the problem for good.