Main Culprits of Defective Home Insulation

Energy efficiency is important to any homeowner. No matter where you live, there’s always some form of battle to cultivate the right temperature for your living quarters - and for good reason. Without a properly regulated home climate, it could lead to a gamut of threats concerning your health and general comfort level. In order to conserve your home’s energy, be on your toes for the following major causes of energy loss. Outdated Windows There are many signs that a window is past its prime and in need of a replacement. If you notice a recent spike in your energy bill yet you’ve followed the best practices to conserve energy, the culprit may be your home windows. Give yours an inspection to figure out if they need to be replaced or perhaps just require some upkeep. Drafts, poor ventilation throughout the house, and obvious damages to the frame are all common symptoms of an outdated window. If you’re unsure if your windows are faulty - even after giving them an inspection - speak with a member of the Wallside team to learn how we can help.

Faulty Gaps and Seals When heat or cool air is generated in a room, there are many ways it can possibly escape. Gaps and crevices between doors, windows, floors, and other apertures in the general structure are all opportunities for energy to leak from. Apply caulk to obvious areas of leakage such as gaps in window frames. For doors, use sealant around the jamb or use a door draft stopper - which can be purchased at the store or built yourself.

Worn Attic Insulation Whether it’s due to liquid damage or pests such as unwanted animal guests, it’s not uncommon for attic insulation to need replacing after a certain amount of time. Energy loss from the rooftop is one of the main places energy loss occurs, so it is crucial to routinely check. To avoid possible injury, speak with a professional such as a roofing contractor to examine your attic and decide which aspects of the insulation job need attention or possible replacement.

When it comes to knocking the zeros off of your home energy bill, it takes more than following best insulation practices (although it does help). Follow these tips to help reduce your monthly home expenses and also conserve energy.