Last-Minute Home Projects for Fall

Man cleaning gutters on a home Fall is now truly upon us, and with that comes hot chocolate, jackets...and home cleaning projects! Even in the midst of fall there’s still a few projects you can do before the weather takes a turn for the colder to ensure your home is comfortable, clean, and prepared for the winter months.

Do a little cleaning It's always important to your safety, and to the safety of those visiting your home, for your walkway to be free of debris. During the fall, you may find it necessary to frequently remove leaves, acorns and other debris from your walkway. Damp or frost-covered leaves can cause someone to slip and fall.

If you see limbs from nearby trees that hang across the walkway, it's best to trim them before snow and ice arrive. The weight from the snow or ice could cause the limb to break and fall across the walkway or possibly on someone as they walk by. As ice melts off of the limb, it could drip onto the walkway and refreeze, making the walkway hazardous.

Gutters Late fall is a good time to clean your gutters. While cleaning, you should inspect them for damage and repair any damaged areas you find to prevent freezing damage during winter. If the water from your gutters flows across your driveway or walkway, you might consider adding downspout extensions to redirect the water. When water flows across a walkway and freezes, it can be a challenge to safely navigate the walkway.

Steps and Ramps Frost, snow, ice and even rain can make your exterior wood steps, deck or ramp dangerously slippery. As a fall DIY project, you can add some peel and stick abrasive strips to these areas to make them safer for everyone who lives in or visits your home.

Light the way Darkness comes early during the fall and winter. Adding some exterior lighting can increase the overall safety of your home. Walking from the garage or driveway to the entrance to your home can be safer if the pathway is well-lit. It's also a good idea to have sufficient lighting leading to areas that you and your family need to get to at night, such as the grassy area where you take your dog or the area where the garbage cans are located.