Keep The Heat In This Winter


Summer is on its way out. While it may still feel pleasant and sunny outside, you know that the good weather can't last forever. The cold and snow is just around the corner. You need to start getting ready for the change in seasons. Besides pulling out your winter wardrobe, you can get your house ready as well. Make a few simple changes and you can make your home cozy and warm when the chill sets in. Pay Attention to Your Windows Your windows can be one of the worst offenders in your house when it comes to losing heat. If you don't have a snug fit, you will have a major draft that will send that freezing air blowing through your home while the heat slips out. You're not paying to heat the outdoors. Consider replacement windows before the seasons change. Energy efficient windows will help you to conserve energy and you will eliminate drafts, ensuring your living space will be nice and toasty when you need it most.

Seal Your Windows if You Can't Replace Them If it is too much of an expense to replace your windows, you can always seal them to prepare for the coldest season of the year. Rubber weather sealing strips can work. You can also put draft snakes at each window. Using heavy plastic is effective as well. You can get the plastic at your hardware store and staple it on the outside of your windows. A window insulation kit is another way to go. Apply shrink wrap to the inside of your windows with tape and use your blow dryer to seal it. These creative alternatives will help you to stay warm in the winter without breaking your bank account.

Don't Forget Your Doors You can put all of your energy into preparing your windows for winter and overlook another source of heat loss. There are often gaps around your doors as well. Use weather stripping, caulk, and draft catchers to eliminate drafts with your doors. Take care of all of these issues now so that you won't be fighting with them when the snow is piling up outside your doorstep. You want to keep the cold outside. By taking these simple tips, you will find that your home is warmer and your energy bill is lower.