How to Stay Warm in Your House Without the Heat On


wallside-windows-fireplace Fires Aren’t Just for Roasting Marshmallows

Imagine that it’s a late night in the middle of January and you’re enjoying a movie with your loved ones all in the living room, then all of the sudden it’s pitch black.  The power goes out, and you can’t see anything, but everyone has their phone they can use as a flashlight.  You call the electric company, and they tell you that the power went out in the whole city.  They also say that the power won’t be back on until the next night so, what do you do next?  Hopefully, you have a fireplace and some candles handy because this is the best way to keep your house warm if your heater isn’t working.  Actually, candles not only give off heat and light, but the smell and aroma of the candles provides a positive atmosphere among everyone to make them not think about the power being out.  


It’s Pretty Windy Out There

Your first action after you start your fire, and light some candles should be to close all the curtains to further keep the wind from coming in.  Winter drafts can drop the temperature significantly in the house, especially with no heat on.  It’s better if you have the curtains with two layers to allow sunlight to come in once it gets sunny out.  If you have windows in your house that don’t have any curtains using towels or clothes serve as a great substitute, as long as the air doesn’t leak into your house.  If you had your vinyl replacement windows installed by Wallside Windows then you shouldn’t have to worry about air leaking through anyway.  


Stay Active

Now, it’s probably not the easiest thing to do when you’re trying to bundle up and stay warm, but yoga and stationary exercises will help you stay warm when there’s no heat in the house.  Putting mind over matter is key in this step to staying warm, because with a few simple yoga poses in your house you can feel much better.  During yoga, one focuses on breathing and maintaining the yoga position that they’re in, and not the cold they might be feeling.  Although the surface of your skin may be cold, you’re training your mind to focus on something else.  This is a great way to tease your own brain while getting some unexpected exercise in at the same time.