How to Remove a Bird From Your House


Wallside-Windows-bird Ahh Help!

More than likely it’s happened to your at some point in your life where a bird accidently makes its way into your house uninvited, and you have no idea how to get it out.  The first thing people start doing is panicking, yelling or screeching, but the truth of the matter is that the bird is much more frightened than you are.  The bird only knows the outdoors and everything that comes with nature so, when it stumbles upon the indoors of your house it’s really in an environment it knows nothing about.  So, swiping at it with a broom might not be the best idea out there.  There are plenty of quick and efficient ways to make sure the bird flies freely out of the door or your new vinyl replacement window you’ve just had installed by Wallside Windows.  


Stay Calm

The last thing you want to do when a bird is in the house is to start being overdramatic or excessively yelling especially if you have young ones in the house.  The bird is more than likely not harmful so, there’s nothing to really be scared of, and as it was already mentioned, the bird is going to be more scared than you are anyway.  You have to think logically in a situation like this, and this would include keeping your pets away from the bird by putting them in a room with the door closed so the bird isn’t visible to them.  If you stay calm in front of your kids, this will keep them from being frightened and crying as well.  


Best Option

Birds are attracted to light so, the easiest thing to do is to let the bird fly away freely to wherever the source of light is coming from.  The simplest way to do this is by shutting off every source of light there is including from outside.  Turn everything off, close all the curtains and blinds to make sure it’s as dark as can be in the house except for one thing.  Between the front door and back door, determine which one the bird is closest to and open it all up so the bird can easily locate where the only source of light is coming from, and they’ll likely fly towards the light because that’s what they’re attracted to.  This might be a scary situation with you not being able to see anything, but you just have to trust that the bird wants to be where the light is, and that it will fly out under its own power.  


Getting a bird out of the house isn’t an easy task to complete and the process could last anywhere from five minutes to five hours depending on the sequence of events that happen.  Treat the situation as if it isn’t a big deal because in all actuality it isn’t.  The next time a bird enters your home, make sure it exits safely so you can go on with your day happy that you helped a bird out of your house.