How Storm Windows Can Help You Reduce Heat Loss

Heat that flows out of inefficient windows is like money flowing out of your pocket. Windows that are too thin or that aren’t properly sealed can cause your power bills to soar. The problem of ineffective windows is particularly common in older homes that are likely to have single-paned windows. Replacing windows with double- or triple-paned windows is one solution to windows that don’t keep your heat where it belongs, but another, budget-conscious choice is storm windows. How can these windows help you manage energy loss in your home? Here is what you need to know: What Are Storm Windows? Storm windows look like standard windows, but they are mounted on the outside of your window frames. Traditionally, they are used to protect the windows from breakage during bad weather, but they also offer protection against the cold during winter. They can be mounted just when they are needed, such as when a tropical storm approaches, or they can be left on indefinitely.

How Can Storm Windows Improve Energy Efficiency? Just as storm windows can help keep the elements out of your home, they can also help keep things inside, like your valuable heat. By installing storm windows, you can reduce your heat loss up to 50 percent. If you choose storm windows that have a low-e coating, you can cut your heat loss even more.

Will Storm Windows Save Me Money? Storm windows spell savings in two ways. First, they are often significantly less expensive than other types of replacement windows. Second, they can dramatically reduce your power bill. Your heating and cooling system burns up most of the energy you use at home, and windows are responsible for 25 percent of the energy you’re losing. Windows also cause 10 percent of the air leaks in your home. Since storm windows can reduce lost energy by 50 percent, the savings can be big.

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