Finding the Right Design for Your Kitchen Windows

When it comes to designing a room, the windows you choose have every bit as much impact as the wall colors and furniture patterns. In the kitchen, windows are particularly important, because they’re both fashionable and functional. The right windows will shed valuable light on your cooking tasks and keep the kitchen feeling energized. Your windows can also help you maximize a great view or increase privacy, depending on your preferences. Kitchen windows can also help keep temperatures in check while you’re cooking and offer a means of easy escape for those not-so-pleasant odors from a forgotten pan. Consider these factors as your shop for the perfect kitchen windows:

The kitchen is a one of your home’s biggest workspaces, and as such, it needs adequate lighting. Although a great deal of your kitchen lighting will come from your overhead and task lighting, your windows add an extra layer of daylight to your space. If prefer natural lighting, opt for big windows with small frames to let in the most light. Inviting in this natural light is also great if your kitchen is a gathering space for conversation  - it will make the space feel serene and inviting.

Windows can open up even the smallest spaces, but you will still need to scale your window choices according to the size of your kitchen. If your kitchen is small, smaller windows and minimal frames and panes will create an illusion of extra space. Large kitchens are great for tall and wide kitchen windows, dramatic frames, and bay windows. If you’re not sure where your kitchen falls on the scale, ask your replacement window team for help.

Privacy is always a concern with windows. Filling the room with windows invites in light, but it may also invite in your neighbors’ eyes. If privacy is concern, choose smaller windows and cover them with view-obscuring window treatments. Another alternative is to plant trees and shrubs outside your kitchen windows to add a natural privacy barrier.

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