Give the Garage a Facelift

Give the Garage a Facelift A lot of emphasis is frequently given to updating kitchens or bathrooms or landscapes, but those aren’t the only areas of a home that deserve attention. The garage may be one of the most overlooked sections of a home when it comes to remodeling. However, with a bit of time and energy, your garage space can become a greatly organized and highly functional haven. And if you decide to sell your home, having a spruced up garage can be very appealing to prospective homebuyers!

Look Up

The thought may have never dawned on some people, but space near the ceiling of the garage is a perfect place to store rarely used items. Overhead racks that carry a high weight capacity can be installed using multiple mountings to ensure safe storage. Place items that need to be stored for an extended time in a spot where they will not take up valuable space closer to the ground of your garage.

Keep It Handy

If an item gets used on a regular basis, it obviously deserves to be kept somewhere you’ll have easy access to it. Keeping these items easily seen makes them so much easier to find the next time they are needed. A shelving hook system combined with various racks in one section of the garage can multiply the number of items that remain visible and handy to reach. Buckets can also be hung on some of the hooks to hold multiple smaller items like cleaning rags or bungee cords.

A Wall For Rides

For a household with biking enthusiasts, finding an out-of-the-way spot in the garage for each bicycle can be a very challenging undertaking. There are, however, a number of bike storage systems that can easily open up floor space for other items, like a car. A vertical rack can be mounted on the wall for each bicycle, or a floor-to-ceiling pole can be installed to hold two bikes, one above the other. There's even a hoist storage system designed especially for bicycles that might be a favored choice for some. Of course, plastic tubs and totes are always good for garage storage, especially when the see-through type are used; and bags of potting soil, winter ice melt, and even dog food fit well on low hanging shelves, making them easier to lift. In no time, with the right supplies, one can transform the garage from a jungle into an organized collection.