"Explained Everything in Great Detail" - Great Wallside Windows Review

A few months ago I had Wallside come to install storm windows and a new door in my screened in porch. The fella who came to do the estimate was really pleasant and explained everything in great detail. I sincerely liked him. He explained the payment options (I took advantage of the 3 year payment plan which made the upgrade fiscally manageable) and went over all the options I had available--from color to window type, etc. It was very painless. I committed to working with them right then and he left to go get the process started. Since they build the windows to fit it took a while for them to schedule my appointment but they made that clear so I wasn't surprised. After about 4 weeks they called me to schedule my appointment for installation--a Friday in September. The day of the technician showed up a little late and by himself. He told me that his partner had called in that day but he still came to do the windows by himself. I wasn't sure how that would go but he did a FANTASTIC job. It took a little while longer for him to get the job done (and it was raining to boot--poor guy) but the windows look amazing. The inside of my porch has wood siding so the sides of the windows took a little extra work (it has a zig-zag pattern around the edges) but he did a beautiful job. A little later in the day the fella who replaced the door showed up and he also did a nice job. They didn't wrap up till around 4pm or so but they did a fab job. I'm very pleased with the results and my house looks MUCH better than before. Plus the porch retain some heat which helps with my heating costs!

Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on Yelp at 12/11/12

Reviewed by Annette