Are Hardwood Bay or Bow Windows the Right Choice for Your Home?

Windows are the ultimate decoration, and possess the power to beautify your home both inside and out. For instance, the bay window is one classic replacement window style that can transform your home from basic and boring to classic and sophisticated. Take a look at these points to find out if hardwood bay or bow windows are the right choice for you.

You’re Hoping to Maximize Your Interior Space
One of the biggest advantages of an elegant hardwood bay window is the amount of space it adds to a room. Most bay or bow windows are designed with 90, 130, or 150-degree angles that open up your wall and extend it outward from the home’s exterior.

You Enjoy Victorian Architecture
Bay or bow windows can be a fitting addition to a myriad of different architectural styles; however, they’re most noted for their incorporation into Victorian and Gothic Revival architecture. They were made popular in Victorian England, and remain a favorite among homeowners who enjoy the sophistication these windows offer to a home’s façade.

You Wish to Emphasize Your Outdoor Views
Adding a bay or bow window to your home is like adding a frame that highlights the beautiful images of your outdoor spaces. If you have a garden or patio that you’re proud of, you should make it visible from inside your home with a hardwood bay or bow window from your Michigan replacement window dealer.

You Value Sustainability and Green Construction
In addition to aesthetic charms, hardwood offers ecological benefits. Wood is a great resource to use for window and door construction because it provides natural insulation and can be used for future construction projects.

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