Different Window Styles and Their Ideal Applications

The perfect replacement windows increase the value of your home, lower your heating and cooling bills, and are convenient to open and close. If it is time to update your windows, then a little research will help you pick the style best suited for your home. Keep reading to learn more about replacement windows and their functions: Double Hung Windows

A double hung window has a pane of glass separate from and on top of another pane of glass. A spring makes it easy to open either the top or the bottom window. Double hung windows work well for ventilation, which makes them perfect for the kitchen. They also fit nicely into a child’s bedroom; you can open only the top window to let air inside without posing a danger to the child.

Double Sliding Windows

Double sliding windows are great for homes that are short on space. Because this type of window slides open, it will not obstruct furniture or footpaths like a double hung window that opens outward. With a frame that locks and latches and an added layer of weather stripping, these windows provide protection from intruders and the elements.


Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows bring style and function to any home. Bay windows are built into an alcove and have three beautiful panes of glass. They are designed to catch light at all hours of the day and also guarantee fantastic views of the yard. Bow windows work similarly, but their angles are not as pronounced as a bay windows’. Both styles work well in living and family rooms.

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