Best Lakefront Home Window Styles

Lakefront beach chairs Michigan’s Great Lakes,  ponds, and canals offer wonderful opportunities for beachfront property. Against the water, these homes tend to host a different design style than your traditional inland abode. Because of this, we’ve compiled a list of the best window styles to complement homes placed against the beachy shore of a lakefront.

Bay and Bow Windows These window styles are ideal additions to any property with a scenic or nature-esque view. When it comes to living against the water, however, both bay or bow design work great in a living room. Position them so that the view they provide is an open panorama of the water that is wide enough to showcase backyard happenings such as fishing, swimming, or barbecue.

Picture Windows An open, expansive picture window makes for a realistic aperture that reduces the separation between the home and its beachy outside atmosphere. Similar to bay and bow windows, placing one near the back of the house is generally the best way to capture pleasant scenery at various floors and rooms. Views like watching the sun set over the water while eating dinner with the family makes the picture window a must-have for any lakefront property owner.

Doorwall A doorwall goes hand in hand with any cottage or lakeshore home. They work best in the back end of a living room or basement, making for an accessible in-and-out entryway from the house to the backyard patio (or vice versa). If you love hanging outside and are constantly going back and forth from inside,  add a doorwall to your home!

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