4 Questions to Ask When Shopping for Replacement Windows

When you're shopping for replacement windows for your home, it's important to do as much research as possible. Speak with your replacement window factory and be sure to ask plenty of questions. This will help you find the absolute best choice of replacement window that offers beautiful looks, energy efficiency, and ease of operation.

  • Are your windows Energy Star certified?  One of the most important questions you should ask is how efficient your new replacement windows will be. Look for the Energy Star label and inquire about different performance options, such as glazing, that could further increase the efficiency of your new windows.
  • What different types of windows do you have? If all replacement windows came in only one variety, everyone’s homes would look rather boring. Choose a replacement window contractor that offers a selection of operating styles and shapes. You can replace your original windows with versions that operate the same, or you can get innovative. For example, consider replacing your picture window with the new bay or bow option.
  • Will your windows fit my house? It's important to know that your replacement windows will fit precisely. Otherwise, their energy efficiency would be compromised. A replacement window factory that offers custom-fitted windows will be able to expertly design and install replacement options.
  • Do I have a choice of colors and trims? Ask for replacement windows that are available in a variety of colors to help integrate with your home's color scheme. You can find a selection of interior trim styles and designs to further upgrade the appearance of your new replacement windows.

When you speak with your window replacement specialist, ask any question that comes to mind. This will ensure that you receive service tailored to your wants and replacement windows that are perfect for your home. Get started today when you call Wallside Windows at (313) 908-5243 and schedule your free estimate with us.

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