Why Low-E Glass Is Great In the Summertime

Low-emissivity, or low-e glass, is regularly recommended for new and replacement windows for its energy-efficient properties. Low-e glass is highly effective in conducting natural sunlight even as it limits heat passage in and out of a residence or business. The rate at which glass conducts heat is calibrated by a measurement known as the U-factor. The lower the U-factor rating, the more energy-efficient the glass is. Low-e glass blocks heat-generating ultraviolet light, which keeps rooms cool in the summertime. In the winter months, these windows keep heat indoors, making them a good investment year-round. You can find out more about why you should consider replacing your outdated windows with innovative low-e glass by calling the Michigan office of Wallside Windows at (313) 908-5243 today. Our windows experts can guide you through the selection process, and we also install and guarantee our windows.