What Type of Maintenance Will My New Vinyl Windows Require?

Vinyl replacement windows require a little care, but compared to wood windows or other framing materials, they are durable, low-maintenance, and reliable. Wood windows typically need to be repainted, and occasionally sanded or refinished throughout their lifetime. Metal windows may need to be protected against corrosion. Vinyl windows need none of these things. Quality replacement windows are constructed with the color throughout the vinyl material itself, and, thus, most damage the window sustains will be almost invisible.

Cleaning and Exterior Care
Replacement windows with vinyl frames are exceptionally easy to clean with just water, a little gentle soap and a sponge. Keep your glass clean using an eco-friendly mixture of vinegar and water. Some pros choose to use newsprint because it doesn’t leave streaks. Otherwise, a reusable sponge works just fine. A squeegee is excellent for keeping your glass crystal-clear.

Interior Care
Dust your window frames as you would any other surface in your home. Wiping the vinyl down with a damp cloth can take care of any soil, and giving your glass the same treatment on the inside as the outside will help keep it clear and beautiful. Many homeowners enjoy vinyl replacement windows because they don't require repetitive and involved maintenance like repainting or staining.

Wallside Windows can help you understand how to care for your new replacement windows. Our windows are backed by our industry-leading 35-year warranty, which offers you peace of mind and our practical backing of our products. Give us a call at (313) 908-5243, or visit our website for additional information.

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