What It Means to Buy Replacement Windows with the Energy Star Label

Replacement windows that carry the Energy Star label for your specific climate represent the best all-around choice. This label isn’t easily earned—a product designed to increase energy efficiency, such as a replacement window, needs to meet several stringent characteristics in order to qualify. Each window’s characteristics are tested by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). This partnership between the NFRC and the Energy Star program helps bring homeowners the knowledge they need to choose the very best replacement window for their home and their climate. High-Performance The Energy Star label, with its NFRC ratings, breaks down the performance of a replacement window into several categories. A window that earns the label for your climate represents one of the best choices in terms of energy efficiency. It isn’t simply the highest-performing window available; it represents a balance between high-performance and returns on the investment that homeowners make when they purchase and install these windows for long-term cost-effectiveness.

Detailed Ratings The NFRC is a third-party institution that uses standardized measurements, accepted by the US Department of Energy, to determine the performance of a particular replacement window. The ratings shown on Energy Star labels are trustworthy and provide a real, quantifiable idea of the performance you can expect to get out of a replacement window and the subsequent savings you can receive.

Wallside Windows provides the very best in replacement windows to our Michigan customers.. We are the factory—we custom-make every replacement window and we install it ourselves to exacting specifications to ensure maximum performance. We use technology that has proudly earned our windows the Energy Star label. When you choose our replacement windows for your home, you’re getting the maximum savings and comfort possible while making the best investment you can. Visit us online to learn more or call us with any questions at (313) 908-5243.