Weatherize Your Doors

Outside of suburban home during winter Every year, you get out the extra blankets and keep the thermostat as low as possible in hopes to keep your energy bills low. This year, take it upon yourself to get to the bottom of the problem. In most cases, it is the door that lets in too many drafts. If your feet are always cold and you want to save more on your energy costs even after installing some replacement windows, consider the following clever ideas to get your door properly weatherized:

Door Thresholds The door threshold is the piece of metal or wood that sits underneath your door. Most are adjustable, which means if you find cold air coming in under the door, you can adjust it higher. After adjusting it, you must still make sure your door is able to open and close properly, but this will keep the cold air from coming into your house.

Replace Worn Out Weather Stripping You may also find that the weather stripping around your door is old and worn. The weather stripping can be purchased at any hardware store and it is easy to replace. Weather stripping is going to seal your door tight to help you keep your house warmer.

Create a Draft Stopper If you are still finding the door is letting in drafts at the bottom, do not be discouraged. A lot of people use draft stoppers in the winter to help them reduce their energy costs. A draft stopper can be made out of just about anything. A rolled up blanket might sound good, but it won’t be a flexible as it needs to in order to stay put up against the door. Consider creating a tube of material and filling it with rice. It will stay in front of the door and keep out the drafts. By weatherizing the exterior doors in your home, you are going to notice an immediate difference in how well it heats. If you can look at your door and see light underneath it, there is a definite problem that needs to be corrected as a lot of heat is escaping. These simple tricks can save you hundreds of dollars this year on your energy costs.