Water Sensors Can Save Your Home

Water Sensors Can Save Your Home Winter brings a lot of snow to many areas of the country, and when the snow starts melting, you need to be prepared. Along with the spring thaw, you may get spring rain which can add up to thousands of gallons of water very quickly. If any of this water manages to get in your home, it could be disastrous for you and your family. To protect your home, you will want to have water sensor alarms placed strategically in your home to alert you of any water.

The majority of people who are concerned about water invading their home have a water sensor alarm hooked up near the sump pump in the basement. If the water level rises above what the sump pump can handle, the water alarm will alert you of this. If you have a generator hooked up to operate your sump pump when the power goes out, you may also wish to have an alarm set up that will alert you if the generator stops working.

If you have a dry basement and do not have the need for a sump pump, you are still not clear of danger from water. Many people have discovered a crack in their basement wall after the crack had allowed water to get through and after the fact that all of the items they had stored in the basement were ruined. Placing water sensor alarms in different areas throughout your basement will alert you to any water that makes its way inside so you can prevent your belongings from getting ruined.

You may also wish to have water sensors installed in areas where your washing machine and hot water tank are. If either of these two appliances breaks, they could cause hundreds of gallons of water to leak out before you even notice. Even the smallest of leaks can cause major problems as it could easily turn into a mold issue.

A water sensor alarm may not be the answer for everything, but it can certainly decrease the chances of your home being damaged by water. The water sensor alarms can be installed and set up to alert you by either an actual alarm sound, text, or email. If you choose to have it installed and monitored by a home security company, you can have the company call you when an alert is received. Regardless of how you choose to set up your water sensor alarms, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you’ll be able to prevent water from causing major, costly, and devastating problems.