Want to Prevent Heat Loss? Don’t Forget These Steps!

Want to Prevent Heat Loss Don't Forget These Steps The weather’s getting colder and one of the biggest things homeowners are worried about this time of year is making sure their home isn’t losing heat. Not only does heat loss make your home less comfortable, it’s a waste of money because you’re paying to heat your house, not the neighborhood around your house.

Before you head to the store for cumbersome plastic coverings or heavy, bulky drapes, consider making these smart changes to warm up your home and ensure that you’re cozy even on the coldest day of the year There are lots of ways you can prevent heat loss in your home, but here are a few of the ways people commonly overlook. However, these methods may prove to be more effective at keeping your home warm.

Worn Down Weatherstripping

You may have put weatherstripping on your windows and doors at some point on the past, but if you can’t remember exactly when that was, it may be time for it to be replaced. These simple foam strips wear down over time so it’s smart to replace them regularly. If the old weatherstripping appears to be crushed, then it should be removed and disposed of. It only takes a few minutes to treat your exterior doors and windows. The new weatherstripping will have self-adhesive backing so you can easily install new, effective foam that will block drafts and keep your home warmer.

Rarely Used Rooms

Take a close look around your home and you may find that you’re not using every space. Shut down the vents in the guest bedrooms and other areas you hardly ever use and close the door to force more heat into the rooms you do use regularly. If you find yourself needing to use these rooms during the winter, it’s no problem to open the door and vents again and have the room warm up again in no time.

Expanding Foam

It’s no secret that doors and windows are the key areas where heat can escape from, but sometimes the reasons this happens aren’t so obvious. Remove the trim around your windows and you may be surprised to find that the gap around the window frame was never insulated. This is common in older homes, but spray foam insulation is an easy way to solve the problem. All you have to do is spray in the foam slowly, allow it to expand and harden, carve off the excess and reinstall the trim.

Replace Your Windows

Even if the weather is already turning, you can still make the investment in vinyl replacement windows. Most contractors offer this service year-round and you’ll feel the difference in your home immediately. You can have just one window replaced or have the entire house treated to see the greatest reduction in your utility bills.


It may come as a surprise to you, but window tinting can keep your home a little warmer. The reflective surface not only keeps the heat out in the summer, but it also keeps your home’s heat inside the home when it’s cold outside. This winter, make your home a little warmer and lower your utility bills. Now is a great time to start saving money, and you’ll continue to enjoy the benefits throughout the year.