Wallside Windows Review | "No Time was Wasted with Their Efficiency and Skill" (313) 908-5243

"Dear Sir, Thank you for hiring an excellent contractor to install two homes of your Wal-Side Windows, today, May 28th in Harbor Beach. Very professional was their work which included care taken to insure my homes were kept clean with tarps, removing all the used materials around the yard, and even helping me replace my drapes and curtains. No time was wasted with their efficiency and skill. The excellent product you manufacture is something I can be proud to own and use for years. Gladly, I will refer your company to my friends, and will assure them the installation will be efficient and professional, and they will be very satisfied with the quality of your windows.

Florene Z."

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on Wallside Window Submission at 5/28/10