Wallside Windows Review | "My Level of Satisfaction with my New Windows by Wallside ONE HUNDRED PERCENT " (313) 908-5243

"Dear Mr. Trombley: I am very pleased with my new windows, but much more than pleased with the outstanding installation work.

Glenn Tokoff was totally responsive in solving my installation problem when he sought permission to add extra wood around each window, ensuring that my blinds could be reset properly. He also did a totally remarkable job of caulking, hopefully putting a stop forever to wasps gaining entry to my home.

Marty Break did an excellent job, as well, mitering and applying the trim molding.

While  the windows are very fine, their value would be diminished greatly if it were not for proper installation. The entire team of installers did commendable work, raising my level of satisfaction with my new windows by Wallside to ONE HUNDRED PERCENT!

My thanks to Wallside and Glenn Tokoff, Marty Break, Russ McQueen and Greg Start.


Carol A. F. "


Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on Wallside Window Submission at 11/7/11

Reviewed by Carol A. F.