Understanding the Dangers of Lead

Lead continues to pose a risk to children and adults alike. Low-quality replacement windows and imported merchandise are just a few of the many products that could expose your family to lead. Become a lead expert to better protect your home and loved ones.

  • Exposure Risks: Some of the most common lead exposure risks can be found in the home. Old brass faucets, for example, are known to leak lead into the water supply.  Lead can also be found in the paints of older homes, especially those built prior to 1978. Other lead contamination risks are located in equally innocuous places. Many types of art supplies, for instance, contain enough lead to negatively impact your health. Thankfully, a bit of education can help you to avoid the most pressing lead dangers.
  • Health Impacts: Lead exposure can cause a full range of problems in human beings. Children can undergo intense and permanent neurological damage as a result of lead exposure. Even adults can suffer permanent nerve disorders and memory loss as a result of lead inhalation. Pregnant women should be especially careful to avoid lead exposure. Lead inhalation in women can lead directly to miscarriages and developmental problems.
  • Prevention Plans: Preparation is the best defense against lead exposure. If you must store a product containing lead, remember to keep the container away from food and out of a child’s reach. Healthy eating can help to prevent the appearance of lead symptoms too. A high-calcium diet limits the body’s ability to absorb lead. Finally, make sure any hired contractors can prove that their process is lead-free. Follow these tips and your family is sure to stay safe from lead exposure.

Every Wallside Windows product is certified lead-free. We use only 100% high-quality vinyl materials and durable glass in our replacement windows. Contact us at (313) 908-5243 if you have more questions about our safe and speedy installation process.