Tornado Safety Guide


According to the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), approximately 1,200 strike the United States each year. Whether you live in an high-activity tornado zone or not, it sure helps to know what to do if one strikes. We break down how to prepare for an incoming tornado below.

Designate a Safe Zone Before a tornado warning is signaled and you and your family have to kick it in emergency mode, it’s best to develop a strategy for what to do when one strikes. Designate a room for everyone to safely take shelter in to wait things out. The ideal space for these is the basement or lowest possible level of your house. Ensure this room has sturdy walls, a secure foundation, doesn’t have loose, dangling objects that could possibly fall and hurt someone. Overall, anything that could be easily be knocked over or moved around by strong winds is a potential danger. By creating a go-to emergency storm room and having everyone in your family know to go there in the incident of a tornado, you can face the storm with more confidence knowing that you have a plan.

Steer Clear from Windows Stay as far as possible from windows and other openings in your home. The raging storm outside could possibly destroy the windows from flying debris, which could open your home to even greater danger. As stated above, during violent, unpredictable tornado winds, the safest place to take refuge is a basement room devoid of windows or any objects that can easily topple over.

Store a Kit of Essentials Stock the room with food and beverages that can attend to everyone’s hunger. You never know how long a storm might last, so try to stock a decent amount of food that could last over a few days. Also, make sure the food you keep won’t spoil over a long period of time and to keep a collection of water bottles nearby at ground-level. Additionally, gather together a kit containing a flashlight, batteries, radio, and other essential goods you might need; the radio is key for tuning into local stations and getting updates on storm activity.

After any storm or adverse weather conditions, it’s possible for your windows to suffer damages. If your windows have undergone serious injury, speak with a professional at Wallside to learn your options for installing new replacement windows.