Top Three Dog Training Tips


dog playing in park in owner You’re the Master

We’ve all had that neighbor with that noisy dog that never stops barking at every squirrel, other dog, person, or bird that crosses its path.  Then you hear the dog’s owner yell at it to “Be Quiet!” Does the dog ever listen though? It’s astonishing thinking about how many times you’ll hear the owner yell at the dog, and the dog never listens.  When a dog is part of a family, either the dog is the master of the house, or you’re the master of the house.  When a dog barks it’s their way of showing their power off to you.  When a dog stays silent it recognizes that you’re the master, and to obey you.  It also only takes one time telling a dog a command for them to cooperate.  You can show your power simply by ignoring the dog when he starts barking.  If the dog doesn’t get a reaction out of whoever it’s barking at, it will likely stop after a few times.  It’s important to act friendly when you realize that your dog isn’t barking as much, and perhaps give him a treat.

Training Takes Time

As the saying goes “practice makes perfect.”  The same goes for dog training.  If you take an hour or two everyday for a month to train your dog and repeat steps taken to go outside and go to the bathroom, asking for food, go for a walk, or practicing not barking, you’ll have one of the best behaved dogs on the block.  It takes much effort and just by meeting dogs for the first time, you can tell if the owner has put time into training or if all their time goes into yelling at it to stop misbehaving.  The last thing you want to have happen is for your dog to go to the bathroom on one of your windows, in which you may have to replace by going to Wallside Windows and investing in a vinyl replacement window.

Consistency is Key

While putting time into training your dog is important, all that time goes to waste if the dog is being told inconsistent things to do.  For example, if a dog were to jump up on the couch and you tell him “off!” while your significant other says “no!”, and you have a friend that stops by that doesn’t say anything to your dog, what is the dog supposed to think?  it takes a keen eye and ear to make sure everyone is on the same page with your dog. So, when you set out to add a new K-9 to the family just make sure to follow these easy steps, and your dog should be on it’s way to being a nice obedient friend that you’ll love to have around.