Top Five Tips for Selling Your House


Are you gearing up to sell your home? Here are some insider tips to help you get the best possible price when your house hits the market.


Make a stellar first impression Anyone in the real estate business knows the truth of the old adage that you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Buying a home is an emotional, high-stakes decision, which is why you need to woo buyers before they even walk in the door. Enhance your home’s exterior appeal with low-cost greenery and vibrant flowers. Tidy up your curb and consider paying a professional to wash your house with a high-pressure hose. Steam clean your carpets and say ‘Buy Me!’ with fresh flowers in a clutter-free entryway.


  Pretend you don’t live there When potential buyers enter you home, they don’t want to see your treasured family photos or the sagging sofa you inherited from your brother. They want to see a space they can imagine transforming into their own. Move a third of your stuff into storage, including all photos, memorabilia and personal keepsakes. You might also want to hire a home stager to help you best showcase your home’s layout and potential.


  Start with a seller's price It can be scary kicking off your auction with an asking price that is less than your home is worth. But this classic sales technique ensures a rush of buyers and bids even in the worst of markets. With more buyers competing, your sale price can be driven even higher than your home’s worth. Consider starting at 15- 20% less than what your home is valued at.


  Focus on the kitchen When it comes to enhancing your home’s resale value, the kitchen is your top priority. Experts say you can get back around 85% of the money you invest in kitchen overhaul. The cheapest and easiest kitchen renovations include painting (choose a neutral color) and new cabinet hardware. New countertops will also add much more to you home’s value than they actually cost. Another trick is to buy one high-end stainless steel appliance, to lends an aura of affluence to your entire kitchen.


  Do small fixes In the rest of the house, you’ll reap more money with quick repairs and updates than with major overhauls. Paint the walls and update your windows with inexpensive new blinds or curtains. Fix leaking plumbing and wobbly door handles, clean out mold and grout and replace cabinet hardware.