Top Causes of Broken Window Glass

A shattered window can be costly in many ways. At the very least, it requires you to buy a new pane of glass. If it occurs during inclement weather, it may also lead to water damage within the interior of your home. Some instances of broken window glass can cause injury to a friend or family member. This article outlines a few of the top causes of broken windows. If you suspect that your window is vulnerable to any of these causes, consult a window replacement professional who can offer advice on how to protect your home. Severe Weather Homeowners living in the greater Detroit area are no strangers to severe weather. The summer brings thunderstorms and the winter brings hail and frozen ice. Both seasons offer ample opportunity for wind, rain, and snow to damage your windows. Older windows in particular can be susceptible to bad weather, as weakened glass and ill-fitting frames can leave windows prone to breakage.

Unsupervised Play Kids will be kids. It doesn’t matter if they’re playing inside or out, children can present a looming danger for windows. One crack of the baseball bat or throw of the football can result in a mound of shattered glass. Try as you might, your best efforts to supervise your children’s activities cannot entirely prevent a broken window.

Common Wear and Tear Some homeowners may not realize that even a seemingly sound window may harbor cracks and chips that can leave it vulnerable to breakage. In particular, wood window frames that expand and shrink with rising and falling humidity levels can apply undue pressure on window glass, causing it to deteriorate with the years.

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