Top 5 Features Buyers Want in New Homes

Top 5 Features Buyers Want in New Homes If you ask five different people which features they think a perfect home should have, you will probably get five different answers. What is and isn’t a perfect home will largely vary from person to person. But in spite of that, there are always trends in which features homebuyers are looking for in a new home. Here are just a few of the top things homebuyers are currently looking for:

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the top things people are looking for in homes right now. More people are looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly and nobody really wants to spend more money than necessary on things like electricity or heating and cooling bills. A home that is well insulated, has been updated with new vinyl windows, and/or comes with Energy Star certified appliances is bound to be very attractive to potential homebuyers. In a 2013 survey conducted by the National Association of Homebuilders, 36% of respondents said Energy Star appliances were a “must have” and 58% said they were “desirable,” while energy efficient windows were called “desirable” by 54% of respondents.

Eat-In Kitchens

While formal dining rooms may have been popular for years, it’s now more popular for a kitchen to have room for a table right in the kitchen. Many home buyers with young kids want their home to have a cozy place for the whole family to get together for a meal. If given a choice between having a home with a formal dining room or a home with an extra room that could be used for a home office, many home buyers would rather have the space for a home office.

Walk-In Pantries

Ample storage space never seems to go out of style. Spacious walk-in closets in bedrooms are always a hit with homebuyers, but right now, buyers seem to love the idea of having a walk-in pantry. Between food, small kitchen appliances, pots and pans, and plates and utensils, kitchens require a lot of storage space and walk-in pantries are an excellent way to keep all of those things organized.

Hardwood Floors

For a long time, carpet was seen as being more desirable than hardwood floors since it helps to keep heating bills down. But despite the trend toward homes being more energy efficient in many ways, hardwood floors have become extremely popular in recent years. Not only can hardwood flooring look more inviting than carpet, it can often be easier to maintain than carpet, which will require frequent vacuuming or shampooing.

Laundry Room

We all need to do laundry and having a dedicated laundry room makes that chore a lot easier. Separate laundry rooms not only keep washers out of sight and should also have room for a space to fold laundry and to hang clothes to dry as necessary.

If you’re thinking of putting your home on the market in the near future, you might want to consider adding some of these features to your home first. Many of these things can be accomplished pretty easily, such replacing your windows, flooring, or appliances, and can make your home much more appealing to house hunters.