Tips for Saving Money When Cooking

Tips for Saving Money When Cooking If you are like many people, every month you look at your electric bill and wonder if there’s anything you could do to bring it down a little bit. You may have winterized your home, installed vinyl replacement windows, or invested money into insulating your garage to keep the cost down, only to discover your bill is still higher than what you’d like. One place you probably didn’t realize you were using so much electricity in is the kitchen. Most people cook every day and it does take a lot of electricity to make a nice meal. However, you can make some changes to keep your electric bill down:

Plan a Meal Marathon

Most people cook every day. If you spend an hour cooking each day, you are using approximately seven hours of electricity each week. However, if you plan one day a week to cook your meals for several days, you can save. Most stoves have two racks, which means you could potential cook more than one thing at a time. As it takes less energy to reheat a meal, you could save as much as three or more hours a week by planning your cooking in advance.

Use the Right Burners on Your Stovetop

A lot of people often find that using the front burners of their stovetop is simply habit. If you are using the front burner all of the time, chances are likely that you are wasting a lot of electricity. The front burner is often the largest and should only be used for large pots and pans. Smaller pots and pans should be placed on the smaller burners. Using larger burners will use more electricity.

Grill Throughout the Year

While many people put their grills away when cold weather arrives, they still crave barbecue. Even if the temperatures drop, you can still use your grill once a week to fulfill your craving and save money. You will, however, have to be careful. Do not attempt to grill your foods from inside your garage as it can create a risk of fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. Plan to grill on days when weather permits. If you want to lower your electric bill, reevaluating your cooking habits could help make a difference. Making just one small change in how you cook could add up to big changes!