Tips for Reducing Outside Noise in Your Home

Tips for Reducing Outside Noise in Your Home If you live close to a busy road or in a busy city, you might love your home’s location, but not the noise that comes with having so much traffic in your area. The frequent sounds of vehicle horns honking, sirens from emergency vehicles, or people yelling can keep you up at night or make it hard to relax during the daytime. Noise pollution is not good for your physical health and it also becomes frustrating mentally. Frequent noise from outside your home makes it difficult to relax by enjoying a television program or reading a book. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to cut down on the amount of noise you hear in your home.

Add Acoustical Caulking Around Windows

Instead of squirting basic liquid caulking around your home’s windows, opt for a higher quality acoustical caulking that blocks noise. You may have to order acoustical caulking from an online store because it might not be available at your local hardware store, but the extra expense is worth it. You can apply acoustical caulking the same way that regular caulking is applied. For the best results, use the acoustical caulking on both the outside and inside of a home.

Use Heavier Coverings on Windows

If you have only lightweight curtains or window blinds on a home’s windows, then switch to heavier materials. You can buy thicker draperies or have customized acoustical window coverings made. An additional way to eliminate street noise is by attaching wood shutters to windows that you can close when there is a lot of noise outside.

Have Multiple Layers of Window Coverings

Rather than having only one layer of window coverings, why not have multiple layers that include sheer curtains for privacy, heavy acoustical fabric draperies and window shutters? If there are windows in your home that aren’t needed on a daily basis to provide sunlight, then cut a piece of foam or wood to place over the windows. Just make sure that these devices are quick and easy to remove in case of an emergency such as a fire that requires exiting through a window.

Install New Windows If you have single-pane windows in your home, then it is time to upgrade to vinyl replacement windows that have more than one pane. Not only will these windows help to reduce the noise you hear from outside, but you will also notice fewer drafts along with lower heating and cooling costs.