Tips For Keeping Your Home and Family Safe


Whether it’s protecting your family from crime or keeping your friends and loved ones safe from accident, home safety is a major concern for homeowners. There are various ways to help assure that your home and its contents are safe and that you and your family members are protected. Avoid Patch-Up Jobs

Most of us are running in high gear trying to fit in all of the activities and chores that we have planned for the day. When something goes wrong at home it's tempting to try to remedy the situation the quickest and easiest way possible. However, in the long run, that isn't usually the best solution. For example, if your windows not longer fit properly or if your window or door locks don't function effectively, you're putting your home and your family at risk. Scheduling a time to have energy efficient windows put in is a more feasible option than a short-term quick repair. These windows can reduce your utility bills and make your home a safer place for you and your family.

Don’t Just Hide The Problem

Rather than invest in new windows or a proper cleaning and/or painting of their home’s exterior, some people let their shrubs and trees grow up in front of the house to hide the unsightly windows. They also use this technique to hide peeling paint, missing shutters and other exterior flaws. This is not a good idea. Over-grown shrubs provide burglars with a great hiding place. By trimming the shrubs and leaving the windows easily visible, burglars will be less likely to attempt to break in for fear of being seen by neighbors.

Lighten Up Your Landscape

Once you have enhanced your home's exterior with replacement windows, you won't be embarrassed to add some outdoor lighting to your home. Motion sensor lights are a great safety feature for a home. Placing these at your garage, front porch or carport can deter thieves from lurking around your house and allow visitors to your home to navigate your properly more safely without risk of injury or accident.

Don't Entice Burglars

When you make major purchases for your home such as a new television or other electronics, don't leave the empty carton outside where it is visible to people passing by. This could attract the attention of would-be burglars. When you plan to be away for a few days, stop the delivery of your mail and newspaper. Having a neighbor pick them up could signal to anyone watching your home that you are away. It's also best not to place expensive collectibles in front of a window.


With these tips, hopefully your home will remain a safe place for your family, your guests, and your possessions!