Tips for Decorating Your New Glass Windows

Your windows offer the perfect marriage of your interior and exterior space. They can be an integral part of the design of any room. They allow natural light to stream in and can become a focal point when they open up into a great view. Windows can also inject style into your room with the choices you make for your window treatments. What are your window treatment options, and how can you incorporate them into your room décor? Here is what you need to know: Drape Drama For formal looks, and for privacy, you can’t beat drapes. These window treatments are usually floor length, but even if they run a bit shorter, they always cover the window completely when closed. Drapes are ideal for dressing up living rooms and formal dining rooms, but they can also be a great choice for bedrooms. Because drapes can be drawn, they offer great privacy and help make the space darker so sleep comes easier. Drapes are usually sold in panels and hung on tension rods.

Curtain Casual Curtains are more casual than drapes and are extremely versatile. Often, curtains are unlined, so they have a lighter feel. Curtains can be long and tied back with a sash, or they may be short and only cover a portion of your window. Curtains work in nearly any room outside of a formal space, thanks to the wide variety of styles. The type of rod you need for these window treatments depends on the curtains you choose.

Shaded Style With or without other treatments, you may want shades or blinds for your windows. Shades are usually made of fabric and are moved up and down on a pulley system. They come in a variety of colors and designs. Blinds are made from wood, plastic, other, non-fabric materials. They may open up completely or may have slats that you can open and close.

Your design style and our quality windows are a win for any room in your home. Call Wallside Windows today and learn about all of our replacement window selections. We are the factory, so we can make your windows to your specifications. Dial (313) 908-5243 now.