The Problems with Attempting DIY Window Installation

Homeowners may be tempted to install windows themselves when choosing to upgrade. It might seem like a task that a relatively experienced DIY-er can handle, but there are several problems associated with attempting this installation yourself even if you have a respectable skill set.One of the main problems with installing replacement windows on your own is that it can void manufacturer warranties. These warranties help protect homeowners if windows don't perform as they should, and without professional, certified installation there is always the chance that something can go wrong.

Installation If a replacement window does not fit exactly into its frame, its energy benefits are lost. When installed professionally, these windows fit so well into your home that they eliminate drafts and leaks that otherwise compromise your energy efficiency.

Transportation Most homeowners don’t have the resources to transport replacement windows safely. The back of a truck simply won’t do, as the coatings or glazing on replacement windows can be damaged by even minor scratches during transport. The same goes for any damage that occurs during DIY installation.

Value Finally, home value can be increased by the installation of replacement windows, provided that they are professionally and correctly installed. Many warranties transfer with the windows and stay with the home in the event that the original homeowner sells, but DIY installation eliminates this benefit.

Wallside Windows backs up every one of our products with professional installation and a competitive warranty. Because we custom-make every replacement window we install, you can trust that you’ll get the best energy performance and lasting value as well as peace of mind. Call us at (313) 908-5243 to schedule the installation of your new windows today.