The Problems that Can Develop in Old Wood Windows

Wood window frames were once the most popular for homes. However, advances in home design and construction now afford homeowners the opportunity to select from several other window frame choices, including vinyl frames. If you currently have wood window frames or are considering them, you may want to assess your alternatives. Below are a few of the problems that can occur with wood windows. Wood Rot Wood is an organic and porous material, which means that it can quickly become susceptible to the elements. While paint or varnish can delay wood rotting, it cannot prevent the problem from rearing its ugly head in the future. Wood rot is not only unsightly, but dangerous. It can compromise the integrity of your window frame and leave it vulnerable to collapse. Should mold begin to grow on your rotting wood window frame, it can also lead to significant health problems for your family.

Insect Infestation If given the chance, insects of all kinds will try to eat the wood parts of your home—including your wood window frame. Regardless of how well you protect your windows from the elements, they will still be attractive to bugs. Termites in particular are constantly looking for new places to burrow and build a nest, and wood windows offer the perfect opportunity for them to gain access to the interior of your home.

Wood Warping Even if you manage to avoid wood rot or insects from damaging your wood window frames, you may not prevent the warping that often occurs from moisture and sunlight. Once warping begins, it can quickly escalate into more serious problems, like insulation issues and water leakage. These concerns often result in higher energy bills and repair expenses.

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