The Energy-Saving Potential of New Replacement Windows

You could be paying more than $1000 every year to heat your home, but by choosing high-performance, Energy Star replacement windows you can slice hundreds of dollars off of that cost. By knowing how to read Energy Star and NFRC labels, choosing a great window manufacturer, and taking advantage of professional installation, you'll maximize the benefit of replacement window installation. What Factors to Look For Different performance characteristics change the way a replacement window behaves. While one group of features may be appropriate for one kind of climate, they won’t match up to another. For your specific needs, you’ll need to consult a qualified replacement window manufacturer. For example, choose replacement windows that are insulated with a gas fill. This fill between the panes of glass acts as an additional insulator, greatly improving the thermal performance of a window and reducing heat transfer in either direction. Low-E coatings are another important characteristic. These multi-functioning coatings are designed to reduce solar heat gain and heat transfer while also blocking ultraviolet rays.

The Energy Star Label Seek windows with the Energy Star label, which certifies that a specific window is the most energy-efficient option for your particular climate. Imagine saving $377 just by upgrading from single-paned windows to double-paned energy-efficient replacement windows. You’re not only saving energy, but you can reduce your greenhouse gas emissions by almost 3,000 pounds—a definite positive environmental impact.

Choosing replacement windows with the right characteristics to suit your climate can help lower the carbon footprint of your home, increase your interior comfort, reduce your utility bills, and even add value to your home. Wallside Windows can provide you with custom-made replacement windows to suit your home’s style and your energy-saving needs. Learn more when you contact us at (313) 908-5243 today.