The Benefits of Buying Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows

Most people know that good insulation is important for indoor energy conservation. But not everyone realizes how large a role windows play in your home’s overall insulation from the outdoors. Your home’s insulation shouldn’t be limited to only the padding in your walls and attic. By installing energy-efficient replacement windows, you can save big bucks on your utility bills and reduce your impact on the environment. Why is Window Insulation Important? Windows allow light to brighten the home and can be integral to a room’s ventilation. But leaking air and infrared light can increase utility expenses for the homeowner. Inefficient windows can lose heat in the winter and cool air in the summer. This happens because of poorly insulated glass, heat transfer through cracks or a poor seal, or by the material of the window itself.

What Makes Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows So Effective? Today’s replacement windows are more sophisticated than ever before and can be outfitted with Low-E glass technology. This glass helps insulate your home by blocking heat rays from passing through, without affecting the visible light.

Replacement windows that are made of vinyl are even more efficient. Vinyl replacement windows are known for their thermal resistance, in addition to their durability and long life.

What Benefits do Energy-Efficient Windows Offer? Windows can account for 10-25% of your heating bill due to lost thermal energy. Energy-efficient windows can cut the cooling load by up to 15% in the summer and similarly protect you against the cold in the winter.

Stop throwing away money on heating and cooling a home with inefficient windows. Install new replacement windows today for increased insulation efficiency and longevity. At Wallside Windows, our custom replacement windows are the finest on the market. Call us today at 313-292-4400 to learn more about our replacement window installation services or visit us on the web.