Taking Care of Your Home’s Exterior During the Winter

Taking Care of Your Home’s Exterior During the Winter Why do we only think of the way our homes look when things are growing? We think about landscaping, watering, mowing, trimming and all those other things we do to keep our homes looking great during the spring, summer and fall, but our homes are on display year around.

Your home should still be beautiful in the winter time. Keeping sidewalks and other walkways clear of snow, ice and debris is important, of course, but there's more to it than that.

Trees should be kept neatly trimmed to keep branches from breaking due to heavy snow and wind. Not only is a broken branch unsightly, it can be dangerous if the tree is near a walkway, door, window, or car. Winter winds can blow branches back and forth for several feet before they break!

Other growth, such as bushes or tall grasses, should be trimmed for compactness during winter weather stress, too. If you live where you get a lot of wind, it's even more important to keep everything trimmed to minimize damage.

The door to your home is the main welcoming feature, so make sure to keep the entire area clear of ice and snow and put out a colorful and seasonal welcome mat so visitors can clean their boots or shoes before entering. This will beautify your home as well as keep it safe.

Windows can be cheerful assets to your home, but they're not always so nice if they’re old, worn out, or aren’t decorated nicely. What you put in them and on them makes a big difference between having a lovely, welcoming home and an empty and cold looking home. Plants or other decorative items on the windowsills, pretty drapes or curtains and windows in good condition makes a lot of difference in the way your home looks. Good quality vinyl replacement windows always look good and make it a lot easier for you to make your windows welcoming.

Some things stand out more after the growth of summer is done and leaves or snow is on the ground. If you keep your home in good condition and be aware of safety hazards, your home will be one of the most beautiful on the block, no matter what the weather.