Storage Ideas for Smaller Homes

Storage Ideas for Smaller Homes Living in a small home doesn’t necessarily mean you have to feel like you’re living in cramped quarters. While a small home may mean that you may have to downsize some of your belongings, there are several storage solutions for smaller homes. The key is to find the right ones for your home so that you and your family can live in comfort.

Utilize Wall Space

Many small homes often have less wall space, but instead of hanging pictures on the wall, consider putting up walls of bookcases. Bookcases will allow you to store your items within reach and, with the help of baskets and fabric boxes, you can keep many items out of sight.

Utilize Ceiling Space

Even large homes utilize ceiling space. For example, in some of the largest mansions, you often see a hanging metal rack in the kitchen. This will allow you to keep your pots, pans, and utensils within reach and keep them from taking up valuable cupboard space. You can also hang racks in other rooms for storing other items, including stuffed animals, towels, and just about anything else you want.

Double Duty Furniture

In a small home, your furniture should do double duty. For example, your ottoman should also be a place to store things. A bench can be used as extra seating for your guests, but can also be used to store items. Your bookcase can also be a room divider. It is a simple matter of using your imagination to get the most out of your furniture.

Hide Lesser Used Items

While you want to keep items you use every day within reach, items that are used less often can be hidden away. You can purchase small plastic storage bins that can be hidden under beds or even hang unused items in a garment bag that is stored in the closet. Smaller homes are actually becoming more popular as more and more people are trying to live more consciously and avoid taking on more financial obligations than they can. While living in a small home of three to four hundred square feet may seem impossible to you, with the right design, you will find anything possible.