Reasons Why You Should Have Your Windows Professionally Installed

Replacement windows are a very important investment in your home’s value, comfort, and curb appeal. Like many factors that can severely alter the overall condition of your home, replacement window installation is best left to experienced Detroit-area professionals, like the experts at Wallside Windows. But what are some of the benefits of choosing professional window installation?

Doing the Job Right
If you’re installing replacement windows in your home, you’re probably looking forward to a draft-free, more energy efficient home. But replacement windows installed poorly or incorrectly won’t give you any of these benefits, and may in fact make the problem worse! Improper window installation can increase the risk of air and water leaks, moisture seepage, rotting, and other structural problems. Hiring a replacement window professional gives you the peace of mind knowing that your new energy efficient windows were installed correctly.

No Warranty Confusion
Avoiding the cost of professional replacement window installation can actually lead to higher costs down the road. In the event that the installation failed or the windows were damaged, a big-box store window manufacturer may be reluctant to cover the windows under warranty if they were not installed by a licensed professional. Because Wallside Windows is the factory and the installer, your windows will be protected by our 35-year warranty, ensuring that you’ll always have a comfortable, energy efficient home.

Fast and Efficient
Finally, our professional replacement window installers can complete a window installation quickly and efficiently. Your time is valuable, so we’ll respect your time and privacy by making sure that your windows are installed as quickly as possible. Typical installations by our replacement window professionals can be done in a day, often in just a few short hours!

To learn more about replacement window installation, contact Wallside Windows today at (313) 908-5243. Our comprehensive installation service ensures efficient, effective, and thorough installation of every window we make for your home. Visit us online or call to schedule your in-home estimate today.

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