Prepare Now for Winter Storms

Prepare Now for Winter Storms Winters can come with some major storms and many have the potential to knock out your power for days. An ice storm can actually knock it out for weeks. By preparing now for the winter storms, you can be sure that you and your family are safe and prepared for anything thrown your way.

Winterize Your Home

A lot of heat can escape your home if it is not insulated properly. Before winter arrives, be sure that your home has adequate insulation. If your windows are old, be sure to use caulking to seal them or consider installing vinyl replacement windows as they are known for their efficiency. Also, be sure to install weather stripping around your doors. The idea is to keep the cold from getting in and the heat escaping.

Get Your Emergency Supplies Ready

When most people think of emergency supplies, they think of extra batteries for flashlights, a battery operated radio, and extra blankets. Emergency supplies must also include an emergency heat source, extra lighting, and a supply of food and water. With food, be sure that you have enough food that’s non-perishable and that doesn’t require the use of electricity to cook and that you have enough on hand to feed your family for at least a week or more. Keep your grill supplied with propane and you will always have something to cook on. When stocking up on food supplies, do not forget the needs of your pets.

Prior to a Storm

If you know a storm is coming, be sure that your vehicle has at least a half of tank of gas and is ready to travel if necessary. Inside your vehicle, keep an emergency supply ready that includes extra blankets, flashlights with extra batteries, and a small supply of snacks, such as crackers. You also should have a car charger for your cell phone. Before the storm hits, be sure that everything that could be blown around is removed from your yard and that your vehicle is parked in an area where falling limbs will not damage it. The idea is to be prepared and ready to go if necessary.

Winter storms are something that most people take in stride. These are the people who have prepared for the worst. You may not want to think about it, but ignoring it will not make the risk go away. The fact is that it is better to be prepared than to have nothing on hand when the winter storm knocks your power out and you are stuck at home due to the bad roads.