Planning to Replace Windows in Garages

What You Should Know Before Adding or Replacing Windows in Garages Just like with any other part of your home, windows are a very important factor in how your garage looks. Choosing the right windows for your garage can create a more cohesive appearance between your garage and the rest of your home. If your home has an attached garage, your garage windows can help boost your curb appeal by making your garage look like a more natural extension of the rest of your home.

Beyond the garage’s exterior appearance, windows in a garage can add options for ventilation, which are very important to have when you’re working with things like paint or engines. The extra natural light can be nice to have if you spend a lot of time working in your garage since you won’t have to rely on electrical lights so much. But whether you’re thinking of adding brand new windows to your garage or replacing existing ones, there are a few things  you’ll need to keep in mind.


While homeowners often spend a lot of time taking care of the main part of your house, they often focus less on their garages. So if you need to replace windows in your garage, you’ll probably want to look for a type of window that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Vinyl windows are a great option for garages since they don’t need to be painted, sanded, or stained the way wood windows do, so you’ll have more time to spend working in your garage, not working on it.


Since garages are typically used to store things like cars and expensive tools, they’re a very common point of entry for burglars. When choosing windows for a garage, choose windows with frosted, tinted, or otherwise obscured panes of glass to prevent people from being able to see inside.

Another way to improve your security is with window films. Some window films tint windows or emulate the look of frosted glass to make it hard to see inside. There are also shatter resistant window films, which don’t obscure the view, but they do make it harder for burglars to break a window to get in.

If you’re considering having brand new windows added to a garage, one way you can improve security is by placing them higher up on walls so it’s not so easy for anyone to get in through.

Windows on Garage Doors

Windows are a very popular way to enhance garage doors. While they don’t offer ventilation the way other windows would, they are still very decorative and can add a lot of character. If you have a garage door which doesn’t have windows, you might not even have to buy a whole new garage door. Garage door companies are often able to add windows to existing garage doors rather than replacing the entire door. However, this isn’t always possible so it’s best to consult a garage door professional about this idea. If it’s possible to add windows to your existing garage door, the professionals will need to make sure the windows wouldn’t interfere with the balance of the springs in your garage door’s system.