Organizing Tips for a Small House

Organizing Tips for a Small House Downsizing to a smaller home is becoming an increasingly popular way to save money. It takes less energy to heat a smaller home and a lot less money to actually build a smaller home. However, downsizing can be difficult and it can be hard to get organized when you don’t have as much space to work with. If you are going to a smaller home, consider the following organizing tips:

Closet Space

Many small homes are lacking ample closet space, which means you must take advantage of what you have in the home. Investing in a good storage system will make your life easier. Wire racks, shelving, and plastic storage bins will keep you organized and your space less cluttered.

Wall Space

In a smaller home, it is also smart to take advantage of your wall space. Walls lined with bookcases can keep your things organized in every room. Instead of using up all of your floor space, this will take advantage of the vertical space in your home and make your rooms look larger.

Ceiling Space

Many homeowners often neglect the space they have on the ceiling when it comes to organizing their homes. The kitchen ceiling is the perfect place to hang a rack that holds pots and pans. This is great if you lack cupboard space or just have a lot of large pots and pans that are difficult to store. If you have a garage, your garage’s ceiling space could be used for storing things like bikes, skis, kayaks, and many other types of large, seasonal items that can be very awkward to store. Using ceiling space will take some creative thinking, but it will keep your home uncluttered.

Unused Space

If you are moving into a smaller home, consider how you can utilize the usual unused space in your home. For example, the staircase takes up a lot of valuable space and, if you can utilize the space underneath for storage or even for a small half-bath, you will make your small home that much more livable.

Furniture Selections

Your furniture in your small home should be able to provide you with more storage space. A large bed could easily hold drawers underneath and an ottoman should offer storage space inside. Before you buy any piece for your home, determine whether or not it really can do double-duty for you. Smaller homes are being more and more popular as people in today’s world are more concerned about saving money. Whether you are thinking of building a tiny house or want to go with a more traditional type of small home, you can use the above tips to keep that home organized.